The Jacob Ball Wish Fund benefits children as special as he was.  Although Jacob was only 12 when he passed away in 2013, his joyful impact continues through the wishes this fund brings to life. Donations allow our organization to fund “wishes” that provide special needs students with the experiences and developmental skill builders that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

3 Simple Steps

Is there a child, or children with special needs in your classroom, your family, your life, your thoughts, your heart? Is there an activity, event, outing, or resource they’d love to experience, but it’s unavailable, due to cost? Share your wish with us. Hopefully, we can bring the wish to life. In three years, we’ve joyfully funded wishes that have touched 300 children.

Submit your wish on the behalf of a child, or a group of children.
We’ll review your wish.
We’ll notify you about our decision as soon as we can.

Share your wish with us.


In their own words.

Thank you for the trampoline because it can help us exersice.

Your friend


Thank you for the ball it help me get my jigle out. thank a ging for the trampoline it get my jigle out more.

Your friend


Thank you for the trampoline it gives are class exrsis. I like it a lot and are techer to.

your friend,


Joyful Feedback

Therapy Balls and Trampoline

Therapy Balls and Trampoline

These are the kind letters from a class that wished to say "Thank You" for funding their wish for new therapy balls and a trampoline. Below are their letters typed out in their exact words. thank you four the new trampoline and the tent. We love our new balls to sit...

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Jacob Ball Wish Fund
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Jacob Ball Wish Fund
Today is another palindrome...The same forward and backwards4/26/24 ... See MoreSee Less
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