I received these thank you letters from two students who had their wish funded. Their wish was to play an instrument in the school band. We funded the rental of their instruments so they could participate with the other students and learn to express themselves through music. The letters read as follows:



Dear Sandy

Thank you, thank you, thank you for paying our band fees. You are great people who try their best to grant wishes. We are very grateful that you have granted our wish. We hope that you can grant many more wishes and bring happienes where ever you go.


P.S. I am going to play perrcussion in band.

P.P.S. I have ausbergers (it is a type of autism spectrum where we get really mad really easly, but I have a milder form of it.)



September 2, 2014

Jacob Andrew Schriber Ball Wish Foundation Staff,

Thank you very much for assisting my students with their band fees. This year, Karl (8th grade) and Noah (7th grade) are taking band for the first time ever. They have been enjoying learning the basics of what it takes to play in band: what music notes look like, the sound they make, how to put notes together to form music and playing the notes on their instruments.

Noah is playing the flute (as drawn on the front of the card he made) and Karl is doing percussion. Both students are enjoying their instruments and are very thankful for the opportunity to play in the school beginning band. Thank you for granting their wish to rent their instruments.


Desi Wisser

Special Education Self-Contained Multi-Cat Teacher